<i>Debbie Does Dallas Again</i>...And Again...And Again...

Vivid Entertainment hosted a release party Thursday night at Club Ultra (37 W. 26th Street ) in New York for the company's much-hyped Debbie Does Dallas...Again. Vivid Girl Monique Alexander, who plays the role of the cheer squad captain in the sequel to the 1978 adult classic, Debbie Does Dallas, hosted the event. 

Also in attendance was Vivid superstar Savanna Samson, who plays the role of Miss Jones in the new film. 

Samson told AVN.com, "The club was great, there was a lot of press and everybody had a really good time. There were always people surrounding Monique [Alexander] and myself, so it seemed like the place was really packed, but when I got a chance to look around, it looked as though everybody was pretty comfortable."

Alexander and Samson spent a good deal of the evening autographing complimentary copies of Debbie Does Dallas...Again. One of the all-time great cheerleader movies, the sequel is being released as a three-disc set that includes the original Debbie Does Dallas.

To view a photo gallery of the event by Buster Brown of cumshootme.com, click here.