<I>AVNInsider</i>:Wicked Girl Sydnee Steele and Some Pillow Talk

In a big porno mansion on a hilltop, Wicked Girl Sydnee Steele's in makeup getting ready for her latest feature and this time, she's being directed fellow contract girl Devinn Lane in Pillow Talk.

"It's been a while since I have shot and it's kind of made it a whole new game for me. It's exciting," Steele told AVNInsider.com. "Devinn's easy to work for and we've had fun. She really knows how to shoot for people who want to see the sex and she gets a good story in there but I really am glad to be working for Devinn because I wanted to do something with more sex this time. Devinn's a great director. Everyone respects her and you see a great flow with her work."

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