<I>AVNInsider</i>: Newbies Kelly Kline and Richard Raymond Make Suggestions for Change

Adult performers Kelly Kline and Richard Raymond entered the XXX business in August of 2003. The husband and wife team did their first scene in Florida on their first wedding anniversary and decided that they wanted to continue their porno pursuit.

They now split their time between North Carolina, where they are heavily immersed in the horse industry, and Porn Valley, where they are now in-demand newbies. Since we don't want or need to give away any more than necessary about their real lives (they have neighbors, fer chrissakes!), we'll leave that at that.

Kline and Raymond had a scheduled AVN Interview the day news of the industry's HIV breakout broke. The interview was pushed back a couple days and we were able to squeeze it in before they returned to the Carolinas - weeks earlier than they planned to go home.

When they did arrive for their interview, fuck and suck talk was about the furthest thing from their mind, just as it was off pretty much everyone in the industry's. At the same time the rest of the industry was scrambling for facts and alternative ways to make a few bucks, Kline and Raymond were spending their late nights working on a system to help the industry stay safe - and hopefully unregulated by The Man - in the future.

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