<i>AVNInsider</i>: Interview with Krystal Steal

Club Jenna exclusive Krystal Steal, a petite blonde bundle of sexual energy, called AVNInsider for a chat while she bravely navigated rush hour traffic on the I-5 towards her Orange County domicile after a hard day of shopping on Melrose Avenue.

No accidents were caused during the taping of this interview.

Given the nature of our first question, it is important to note that Steal called immediately after the interviewer wrapped up an informative discussion with a peer regarding the virtues of various colors of M &M's, the tasty sugar-shelled chocolate treat; the green ones are lauded as aphrodisiacs, orange ones have been said to augment breast size, yellow was the color of the eccentric, red for thrill-seekers (no doubt inspired by the carcinogenic qualities of the red dye No. 2), and brown was the color of squares and homebodies.

We were surprised, amused, and then incredibly turned on by her response to our first question.

Besides chocolate, we also discussed Krystal Method, her first Club Jenna feature, working with/for Jenna Jameson, the importance of being a real bisexual chic compared to a bi-for-pay chic, perfect boobs, and more.

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