<I>AVN</I>Insider: It’s a Fast Ride in Wicked’s <i>Exotics</i>

This editor's lunchtime is usually spent going over email while consuming a Smart Ones frozen entrée and wondering where the hell I am going to find the fucking time to get all the shit I need to get done completed, so when Wicked publicity demi-god (hey, he's good at what he does, all right?) Daniel Metcalf proposes a sojourn to watch a Michael Raven wall-to-waller get shot, I am off like a dirty shirt to see the sights.

Upon arriving at Skye Blue's studio, I see Latin hottie Ice La Fox posing and preening near a red Ferrari. It's La Fox's first time working for Raven, and she looks luscious, showing herself off in her red, frilly, skimpy outfit.

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