<i> AVN </i> Blog Commentators Can Now Do So Without Registering

Commenting on the AVN Blog just got easier.

While AVN would still prefer that those who comment on our blogs tell us who they are by registering, starting today, they can do so without registering. Simply go to www.avn.com/blog and click on the comment option at the bottom of the blog to which you want to respond.

“We’re thinking that perhaps because some people have to register, that they’re reticent to reveal who they are and say what they really think,” said AVN Publisher Tim Connelly. “So if that is the case, and we could be wrong, we want to give people the option to say whatever they want to say.

“I’m interested to see if there will be anything different. Because if you can remain anonymous, perhaps you’ll be more forthcoming in what you truly feel.”

But isn’t there the danger that such anonymity will result in lowest-common-denominator comments?

“I don’t think it can sink any lower than the absolute nadir of the industry’s blog experiences to date,” Connelly said. “So I’m interested to see if we can raise the bar and if not, how low it will go before we pull the plug.”