<i>Assraelis</i> Not Kosher, Says Jewish Organization

TightFit Productions has been threatened with a lawsuit over its use of the Kof-K kosher symbol in connection with the upcoming release Assraelis.

TightFit received a letter Wednesday from the Kof-K Kosher Supervision organization 's attorney, Jonathan J. Mincis, stating that the symbol is trademarked by the organization, and that suit would be filed if TightFit did not remove the symbol from its Website and any other material associated with Assraelis.

TightFit owner Oren Cohen told AVN.com that the issue has more or less already been resolved, commenting, "We've agreed to modify the covers that are printed with an un-removable sticker over the [Kof-K] symbol with a different kosher symbol that doesn't infringe on [the] copyright."

"I still don't quite understand how somebody can copyright a letter in the Hebrew alphabet," Cohen continued, "but leave it to my people to figure that one out."

TightFit is promoting Assraelis as the first-ever domestically distributed Israeli porn production. Other than Kof-K's actions, Cohen said his company has received no negative response from the Jewish community about the release.

On the contrary, Cohen reported, "The Jewish community has actually stepped forward, and they're excited and happy that we're doing this. We have people from New York that are groups of Jews that are sex-positive that want us to do screenings of the movie. We've had various Jewish and Hebrew clothing companies and magazines want to feature us … people think it's pretty badass."