<i>Afrodite Superstar</i> to Screen at L.A., Berlin Festivals

HOLLYWOOD/BERLIN - Femme Productions' AfroDite Superstar is scheduled to screen this weekend at the Los Angeles Erotica Film Fest and next month at PornfilmfestivalBerlin.

Directed by Venus Hottentot and starring Simone Valentino, Superstar is the inaugural release from Femme's ethnic offshoot Femme Chocolat. It received a AAAA review from AVN's Jared Rutter, who called it "constantly entertaining and often arousing."

The L.A. screening of AfroDite Superstar is scheduled for 3:30 pm Saturday in the Boom Boom Room of Hollywood's Knitting Factory. The Berlin screening slot has yet to be announced, but the festival runs October 24-28.

For details on the Los Angeles Erotica Film Fest 2007, click here.

Information about the 2nd PornfilmfestivalBerlin is available in German here.