Hustler Video Offers Blu-ray POP Displays

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. - Hustler Video is offering retailers a new point-of-purchase display designed to showcase the company's Blu-ray disc releases.

"We have a great deal of confidence in our growing Blu-ray library and wanted to give our customers an excellent way to highlight their Hustler Blu-ray product," said national sales manager David Diamond. "The P.O.P. display is a tool that stores can use to help increase their sales."

The stand-alone counter-top display holds 16 Blu-ray cases, allowing stores to stock multiple copies of a given title without sacrificing shelf space.

"We have been releasing the Barely Legal series simultaneously on standard-def and Blu-ray format," said Hustler Video creative director Drew Rosenfeld. "Now we will be adding many more titles to our Blu-ray library, which will continue to grow."

Hustler's upcoming Blu-ray releases include Gov Love: The Eliot Splitz-Her Story (May), Nina Hartley: MILF Trainer (June) and Strollin' in the Colon (July.)

For information on receiving your own P.O.P. display, retailers should contact David Diamond or Michael Glaser at (888) 249-3523.