Hustler Taps Axel Braun to Direct 'Avatar'

CANOGA PARK, Calif.—Hustler Video announced Monday that it has selected acclaimed director Axel Braun to helm forthcoming project This Ain't Avatar XXX 3D

Mirroring the landmark James Cameron film upon which it's based, Hustler's X-rated rendition is being touted as both the studio and Braun's most ambitious undertaking to date.

"This is the most preparation I've ever done for a film," Braun said. "This project has been in development since December. I've worked closely with Roger Krypton on the script, and storyboarding has been completed. I have looked at the various 3D acquisition systems and decided on one that I feel best suits the demands of adult filmmaking while providing the highest quality stereoscopic images. A post-production workflow needed to be designed and tested from the ground up before I was happy with moving forward."

Hustler creative director Drew Rosenfeld added that the sets being constructed on Hustler Video's soundstages are the most elaborate ever seen at the production house.

"We're used to creating fantasies here at Hustler, but now we're creating a whole fantasy world," Rosenfeld said. "On top of that, we have to design and build this world to play in 3D. I love a challenge!" 

Braun will hold casting calls for This Ain't Avatar XXX 3D in the near future; check back to for time and location.