Hustler Signs Deal with PPPcard

LFP Internet Group LLC, parent company for all the Hustler websites (such as and, has signed an agreement with that will enable consumers to access content on Hustler sites through the company’s pre-paid card.

“Hustler wishes to expand its brand on all levels and the PPPcard enables Hustler’s websites to be marketed through retail channels,” says Michael H. Klein, president of LFP Internet Group LLC. “We look forward to being part of the PPPcard lineup and giving our customers an additional way to access the various Hustler websites.”

“We are excited with the addition of Hustler as a partner and will continue to bring our customers the best the Internet has to offer. With PPPcard and Hustler’s online and offline presence, there is opportunity to create unique programs that are beneficial for both brands,” says Greg Moss, president of

PPPcard will have cards in approximately 6,000 retail outlets within the next month and 20,000 units by end of 2005.