Hustler's Beaver Hunt Winner Vicky Vette Isn't Just Another Pretty Face

Vicky Vette, who just won the Hustler Beaver Hunt for 2003, isn’t your average Norwegian blonde beauty with a sex drive to match her 36D-25-36 body. She’s a 38-year-old Norwegian blonde beauty with a sex drive to match her 36D-25-36 body. And she has the videos to prove it.

Although records of age were not kept for all of Hustler’s history, its the magazine checked their records and its safe to say that Vette is the oldest Beaver to ever win the annual contest where amateur women submit photos in hopes that it will be published.

In October of 2002, Vette submitted a picture of herself for the Beaver Hunt. “I had just turned 37 and I was feeling kinda old so just for fun I sent a picture in,” Vette told

The picture was published and next thing she knew, Vette was on her way out to Los Angeles to model for a photo layout for Huster as a semi-finalist in the Beaver Hunt.

“There were a whole bunch of agents and a whole bunch of directors and producers so I jumped right in and started doing videos,” Vette said.

That was in July of this year. She’s already been in 50 videos and she still commutes from her home in Georgia (she was born in Norway, but moved to Canada at the age of 5, and to the U.S. when she was an adult), where she and her husband own their own business building custom homes, to Los Angeles to shoot.

“Every time I come out to Los Angeles I mean to stay two to three weeks, but end up staying five to six weeks,” Vette said.

And her husband is more than okay with Vette’s new job. “He thinks this is the greatest. He loves it,” she said.

Even before the Beaver Hunt began Vette’s porn career, her marriage was a non-traditional one. She and her husband of sixteen years are swingers and live in a nudist colony outside of Atlanta. “I was always very comfortable being nude. It’s just a very natural thing for me,” she said.

Noting that she’s beginning her career at time when most women are retiring, Vette reports having been welcomed by just about everyone she’s encountered.

“The girls have been really nice and the guys are usually really happy to se me because it’s nice to for them to be able to fuck a woman instead of a teenager,” Vette said. “I’m more experienced and I make a lot of noise and I tell them what I like up front. It’s different when you are older.”

The layout that Vette shot in July ran in the December issue of Hustler, and again in the January issue next to the other semi-finalists along with a ballot.

Vette won by a landslide. Next month she’ll shoot her full layout that will run in July. When it comes out she’ll be 39. And she’s still booking videos.

“It [sex] just gets better and better all the time,” she said. “I’ll be doing this as long as I can. I want to go as far as I can go.”

Vette will be signing of the Evolution Erotica booth at AEE.