Houston Battling Cancer

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Houston, the former porn star who gained national fame through her frequent appearances on the Howard Stern Show and well-publicized affairs with mainstream celebrities, is battling an aggressive form of cancer.

After a diagnosis of stage 3 metastatic melanoma, Houston had surgery at City of Hope in Los Angeles in early July and is looking at a summer of therapy with the cancer-fighting drug Interferon.

Houston will appear on "The Howard Stern Show" on Sirius radio on August 20 to update the shock jock and her fans on her condition.

To connect with fans and to provide a way for friends and fans to contribute to her directly, Houston has set up www.helphoustonfight.com. The site features a blog where Houston is documenting her experience, supplemented with youtube.com video blog entries.

Using technology from chipin.com, fans can contribute money directly to Houston. The funds will go towards her medical and living expenses. (This is not a charity and contributions are not tax deductible.)

Houston starred in over 200 adult titles, none more celebrated than Metro's World's Biggest Gangbang 3: The Houston 620, in which she set an all-time gangbang record.

The one-time girlfriend of superstar director Michael Bay, actor Judd Nelson, rocker Vince Neil and TV plastic surgeon Garth Fisher, Houston also gained national attention when she attended the high school prom of a Stern show listener, with coverage on "Entertainment Tonight," "Access Hollywood," USA Today and other mainstream media outlets.

Since stepping out of the spotlight, Houston has been pursuing her second career as a licensed Nevada real estate agent selling homes outside of Las Vegas.

Houston says: "I've accomplished a lot in my life, and I always go 100 percent to overcome any obstacle thrown at me. With support from my friends and family, I'm gonna beat this and hopefully I can help other people in the process too.  I've been working on a book about my life and now I have a difficult chapter to add, and I know it will have a happy ending."

Houston, who started her career as a stand-in for Pamela Anderson on early "Baywatch" episodes, also had spots in mainstream music videos from stars like Kid Rock, Kottonmouth Kings, Sum 41 and more. She has recorded two music singles of her own, both available on iTunes.