Is Now Home to T. Von Swine's Swiney's Pro-Am

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.—Tim von Swine, the AVN Hall of Fame director and performer who now goes by "T. von Swine" and/or "Swiney," loves all things slutty and smutty—and that's what he's been bringing to audiences for the better part of two decades. Now, he's bringing his Swiney's Pro-Am creations to with a pair of his original series, Plush Pockets and Pork Vendors.

Each digital DVD contains five scenes of Swiney's signature hardcore gonzo featuring himself and other plus-sized male performers like Angus Maple supplying all the pork the sexy BBWs and adult stars can handle.

"These two series represent two different but very important tenures in my career," said von Swine. "With Pork Vendors, I found that even the second camera footage I shot during my POV scenes had some strokability to it. I have combined that footage with re-edited versions of POV scenes to give them a new flavor that is more in line with the direction I have been heading in the last five years or so."

Plush Pockets is a BBW gonzo line unlike anything currently on the market. It features some of the biggest names in the genre as fans have never seen them before. Swiney started the line with a desire to show that BBW hardcore could be harder, better and more accessible than what others were producing in the genre.

For Swiney, bringing BBWs into his work did not mean changing what he had always focused on.

"When I started shooting BBWs back in 2015-16, it was so refreshing to see how eager they were to go all out and do anal, take big facials or creampies and even do DP scenes," he noted. "No one was shooting them like that and all of that was right up my alley."

While the BBW genre has gained momentum, much of this new content is bland with no room for the performers to push their limits. Plush Pockets does not follow that formula, choosing instead to listen to the BBW performers and respect their desires to let loose. This series is the only place to see BBW stars and newbies in DP action, doing ass-to-mouth, double facials, creampies, cum swallowing and all of the filthy things that great gonzo porn is made of.

"I believe that with Plush Pockets, I am lensing/creating the most honest, dirtiest BBW gonzo anywhere," said Swiney. "BBW porno has been vanilla for so long and I am sick of it. I am throwing all of that out the window and trying to do it right with Plush Pockets."

Plush Pockets features a number of the top BBW performers in some of their dirtiest scenes. Karla Lane, Lila Lovely, Jessica Lust, Bella Bendz, Alexxxis Allure and Crystal Blue have all graced the series with their first-ever DPs for Swiney's Pro-Am.

Pork Vendors offers fans what they expect from Swiney: straight-forward, no frills sex between female performers who vary from top level stars to entry-level newbies. They team up with Swiney and Angus Maple to show that hot chicks really do dig dad bods, especially when they come attached to hard cocks. The scenes are hard-edged gonzo that focus on the action with very little in the way of set-ups. There are no intros other than a makeout session or Swiney and his cohorts undressing or oiling up a hot babe before diving in for some hot sex. While this approach seems non-traditional, it is entirely by design, as Swiney explained:

"I grew tired of making porno with all of these connected templates. I wanted to capture as much essence of hardcore as possible, so doing away with tease footage and scenarios and interviews is all by design. Another reason for that was that my co-stars and I are all overweight. If I try to send something out under the same pretense as other studios that only use 'top', or 'in shape' male performers, then it's most likely going to get dismissed and maybe even panned, since no one else has ever really tried to push the overweight male performer dynamic yet.'

All of Swiney's Pro-Am titles including Pork Vendors and Plush Pockets are available for digital download from and

Fans may follow Swiney on Twitter @Porkvendor and @tvonswine.

Pictured: Karla Lane (above) and Alexxis Allure (bottom)