To Deliver Live In-Your-Face Hardcore On The Web

CYBERSPACE – Talk about an idea whose time has come! How about getting to watch 10 hours of live video direct from a hardcore porn set for less than the cost of a DVD? And how about if that live feed were from one of the hottest series on the Internet – the multi-award-winning Screw My Wife, Please! from WildLife Productions?

Those with long memories will remember that Adam & Eve partnered with VCA Pictures for several live feeds in the mid-'90s, but the Internet was, to a large extent, still in its infancy back then, and for various reasons, those early attempts weren't successful enough to keep the franchise going.

But today, everybody who's anybody is selling VOD footage, plenty of starlets have live webcam shows, and there are hundreds of sites streaming live performances by both amateurs and pros ... but even in that company, this webcast will be unique.

"What will happen is, on May 29th, Screw My Wife, Please! #69 is going to have an all-day live shoot," explained Marc Bruder, president of Cable Entertainment Distribution (CED), which brokered the deal between WildLife and HotMovies. "The cameras will continue to roll except for a few seconds when they have to change the battery or tape or whatever they have to do. It'll be an all-day ticket you can buy, or if you opt to come in after 5 o'clock or so, there will be a separate smaller price. There will be also be a pay-per-minute if you come in and opt to watch just some part of it, and it'll be everything from the XXX footage that Bobby Rinaldi will be shooting, to the set-up and explanation and girls getting ready and the professionals getting ready and the behind-the-scenes and the lights, camera and sound and everybody involved."

Those familiar with the series know that the "plot" is simple: A "married couple" (the "wife" of which is often an aspiring porn star) is looking to add some spice to their relationship, so the husband goes out and finds a real porn star, male or female, to satisfy his wife's urgings.

"Fans of cuckold porn won’t want to miss the chance to watch these husbands sit idly by while their wives are serviced by pros," said James "CJ" Cybert,'s director of business development. "We’re really excited to offer this exclusive live feed to our users."

"CED represents a lot of production companies, and WildLife is one of them," Bruder detailed, "so we spoke to [WildLife owner] Romy [Navarro] and set up this deal, because we're a big supplier of a lot of people's product to HotMovies."

The show, which is officially titled "The Making of Screw My Wife, Please! #69," will begin at roughly 2 p.m. Eastern time (11 a.m. Pacific) and run non-stop for approximately 10 hours.

"I'm pretty much a one-day wonder," said director Bobby Rinaldi of his typical video shoots. "As long as everybody shows up on time — and I'm going to have everybody there early — once everybody's there, we won't screw around; we'll get it rolling and be done within the schedule. I've got three camera guys, including Barry Wood, Jake Jacobs, two of the best guys in the business, shooting the movie itself. I've got my guy, Coach, who's going to do the actual live camera, so they're going to see everything from soup to nuts. We're going to do interviews with the girls, the cast, the porn guys; they're going to see us having lunch, the girls getting made up, the still shoot – from soup to nuts, they're going to see everything."

"If it goes well, it'll kind of revolutionize the way people are out there shooting and the way the public gets to actually see and be there for a live shoot," Bruder echoed. "It's not like you're just watching the final edited scenes of a video that you're VODing or pay-per-viewing or renting at a store; you'll actually see how this movie is being made; then afterwards if you want to watch it or rent it, you'll see the final product and you're almost there and, 'Oh, that's what they did and that's what they ended up with after I saw what they did to try to capture that.'"

"All the people that buy the DVDs, they're actually more interested in the behind-the-scenes than they are in the actual sex," Rinaldi claimed, "so here, they're going to get a real, true behind-the-scenes, not just 10 minutes on the DVD. They're going to see people cumming, see Adam picking up the cum from the floor – they're going to get to see all of that, and I think that's what makes it interesting, where a guy can buy an all-day pass, so he doesn't have to sit there – I mean, he can sneak a peek at work, and then he can go home and we'll still be shooting. The first scene will probably go off at 11, so from then on, it'll be rock 'n' roll throughout the day until we yell 'cut.' So the guy can buy a full-day pass or if he wants to come in at 3 o'clock or 4 o'clock and buy a half-a-day pass, they can do that as well, and they'll get to see it all shot, and later on, they go out and buy the DVD."

Among the male porn star leads are such well-known actors as Cheyne Collins, Sledge Hammer, Chris Charming, Guy DiSilva and Jay Lassiter.

"An important part of the whole thing was casting those guys," Rinaldi revealed. "I've got some older women this time, so I had make sure those guys won't mind working with those girls, because some of the younger guys don't want to be with a 45, 50-year-old chick, so these guys will work out pretty good."

But why Screw My Wife, Please?

"We wanted to do something that people knew already," Rinaldi explained, "because we have our customer base that follows the Screw My Wife series, which we'll mass-email all those guys, plus Screw My Wife is one of HotMovies' most popular VODs, so they have already a built-in base of those guys. Now if that goes well, maybe one of these days we'll do an Asian night or do an all-amateur, or a superstar night. The possibilities are endless. To me, it's a great idea, a great marriage of showing people what they want to see cheaper than they'd have to buy a DVD, and they get to see something popular, and down the road, we can expand it to whatever we want to do, whatever people want to see. HotMovies fans will let us know what they want to see."

And speaking of the fans, the process will have some interactivity built into it as well.

"They'll be able to write in questions," Rinaldi said. "We'll have another computer there where they can email stuff. If they want to ask a certain question of somebody – me or [series host] Dave Cummings – they can pretty much do that. I mean, I can't have them interacting during the movie, because I don't want to have guys saying, 'Okay, now do a reverse anal piledriver.' I can't, because we are making the DVD. But if there's questions that they want to ask of the other actors during the scenes, if they want to ask Chris Charming a question, Cheyne Collins a question, or one of the girls a question, no problem."

And what's the cost of this history-making event? Just $9.95 for the entire day, or $5.95 after 7 p.m. Eastern (4 p.m. Pacific) – and according to CJ, "Customers will also be treated to a couple of minutes free if they want to preview the show before buying an all day package."

Hmmm ... wonder how many people will start their weekend early to check out