Doubling Webmaster Payouts

National A-1 Internet Inc., owner and operator of, announced today that it will make double payouts to webmasters who increase or send new traffic to any of National’s pay-per-minute sites during February and March 2006.

Webmasters already registered with National will receive the double payout if the traffic they send in February and March 2006 is equal to or greater than the traffic they sent in December 2005.

The payout will be double National’s normal 25-percent payout to webmasters.

“We are doing this to give a bonus to all of our current webmasters and, quite frankly, to attract new webmasters who can send new traffic. One of National’s goals in 2006 is to show the industry that while all Video-on-Demand/pay-per-minute sites may look the same, they are not alike,” says James Seibert, National’s director of business development.