Hot Property Scar Showcased on New SpookyCash Solo Girl Site

Fetish affiliate program SpookyCash (home of has launched a brand new solo girl Web site,, which showcases popular GothicSluts girl Scar, a longtime favorite among fans.

According to SpookyCash’s resident “Chick in Charge,” Amelia G., the new site was created in response to the increasing demands of fans eager to see more of the lovely Scar. “We’ve been working with Scar for quite some time, and she’s usually a real top choice for me if I’m going to do a convention or a trade show or something,” Amelia told “We were at various [events], and people would come up to us and go, ‘You should do a single-girl site with her.’”

But, as Amelia reveals, Scar wasn’t initially receptive to the idea. “She didn’t want to do it for a long time,” Amelia said. “And then she was like, ‘You know what? I think I wanna do it now.’ It was pretty organic in the way it came about.”

The site, which houses several archived galleries of original photos and video content, has been converting well among SpookyCash’s traffic and was recently offered to affiliates, though Amelia says she was a little unsure about taking that step. “We structured the tour a little bit more in such a way that it really is about her personality, which is a little unconventional in terms of something that we would give our affiliates to promote,” she admitted. “It’s converting really well with our traffic, and I hope it does well with theirs.

“I’m really proud of it,” Amelia continued. “I’m really happy that our great creative team came together on it, and I feel like the stuff looks just really awesome. Scar is one of my favorite people, so I hope the site does really awesome. Any one of the webmasters who have met her can vouch for the fact that she’s great.”

Amelia points to Scar’s inherent sense of style and artistry as a chief reason for her popularity. “She has a great personality,” Amelia gushed. “She’s got just a really sexy, kinky sort of perspective. She’s very adventuresome, and I think that just comes across when people see her. And she’s very artistic, so everyone that we have shoot her comes out with something that comes across as very artistic.”

Of course, as Scar’s fans already know, the lovely model has something else going for her, too. “She has the best-looking pussy I’ve actually ever seen,” Amelia added. “That’s not Photoshop-ed; that actually looks that good. And I’ve photographed a lot of people, so I feel like I’m a bit of connoisseur here.”