Hot Mess Peddles 'Hairy Mormons of Salt Lake City'

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—The newest release from Hot Mess Entertainment, Hairy Mormons of Salt Lake City, may or may not make its way to the very city of its title after it begins shipping Wednesday from Exile Distribution.

According to Exile's Howard Levine, his attempts to place the movie in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Gift Shop were rejected.

"We thought we had a shot since it's all local girls, and Mormons are always trying to reach out to a younger demographic, but eventually distribution VP Greg Garber turned us down," Levine said.

Nevertheless undeterred, Levine noted, "Momons are only two percent of the U.S. population, so there's still lots of folks to sell!"

Positing that there is a scarcity of new hirsute material on the market, he predicted that this will be another in a string of hits for Hot Mess, exclaiming, "This line is on fire, and I'm on a mission to sell these Mormons!"

Hairy Mormons of Salt Lake City streets May 21.