Hot Mess Gets in Oscar Spirit With '12 Inches a Slave' - UPDATE

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—With the 86th annual Academy Awards approaching March 2, Hot Mess Entertainment hops onto the Oscar fever train with its own quasi-riff on Best Picture contender 12 Years a Slave.

Releasing February 19 through Exile Distribution, interracial send-up 12 Inches a Slave "is a heartwarming story about five women who have become slaves to huge black cock," Exile owner Howard Levine imparted. "Follow their journey to freedom. Or not."

Boasting two anal scenes and facials across the board, 12 Inches a Slave "is an epic drama of love," Levine crowed.

12 Inches a Slave ships February 12. For sales inquiries, contact Levine at [email protected] or (818) 576-9464.

UPDATE: Howard Levine reports, "Apparently someone in the actual Academy has seen our teaser ad, and we already got a nasty email from a 'mainstream' editor who ends his missive with the phrase 'how dare you' in all caps. [I] could only respond, 'Too soon?'"