HOMEPAGE 200504 - Reality Check

Doesn’t it figure that when we finally get a porn-friendly “operative” into the White House – albeit with a daily pass – he turns out to be a flaky rightwing nut job with a second job and too much free time on his hands? Life is funny that way, or is it?

All the good Guckert/Gannon jokes have already been told, and still there’s something beyond-the-pale ugly about the whole affair - the stupid, brazen incompetence, the lame after-the-fact justifications and denials, even the juvenile complicity to bring it off in the first place - that makes it all so ‘70s college prankish and Watergate-lite that you want to laugh and dance and stage Dadaist celebrations in honor of the event but for the fact that the fucking slide into Government unrestrained by Constitution limitations is so God-awful real.

I’m writing about this sordid episode not because I think the significance of it lies in a weirdo who lives a life of such commonplace duplicity, but because it provides an open window into the mindset and tactics of a cruel and mendacious administration. If they would allow this literally two-faced idiot into their/our midst, provide him with insider (and false) information to leak to the world, and not even bother to investigate him property, or vet him and then knowingly give him a pass with a fake name on it, what else are the fuckers up to?

And what treachery do they have in store for all the hard working pornographers that toil in the vineyards of infamy, exploiting… I mean exporting American culture to the rest of the world through their Websites and movies? What devilish plans, what spies on the set, what spidering trickery have they initiated in their zeal to wash us all clean of sin? Yes, I know, porn is a vile business run by greedy slime balls that abuse the innocent for their own gain, but I just don’t see what good it does to defame some of our best corporations.

I won’t even ask why there isn’t more outrage from the public or mass media concerning such an obvious White House scandal; they’ve been emasculated beyond all recognition. And even if a congressional committee or ten are called into session to look into the why’s and how’s of this, we know that no one will accept responsibility for the credential or the leaks. We know they will throw their boy toy under Air Force One and focus on the salacious details of the Websites and the escorting, all the while pretending that no one knew about it and everyone is shocked, simply shocked, that gambling is taking place in their nightclub.

Yesterday, I spent many hours entertaining myself jumping from one blog to another, and amassed a veritable treasure trove of scandalous speculation, inference and proved accusation about Guckert, but what really is there to do with all that flotsam? The indiscretion is apparent; the violation of trust evident; the contempt for an inviolate press complete. We are all complicit in this shameful act if we do not step up and announce in no uncertain terms that actions like this are unacceptable in this republic, that we expect even a Rush Limbaugh to conduct himself at a higher standard than this, and that a party that would drag us through months of impeachment over a white lie should at least have the courtesy to their countrymen to be as consistent with a lie or Orwellian fucking magnitude.

Guckert/Gannon, indeed!