Homegrown Video Celebrates 40 Volumes of 'Natural Bush'

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Homegrown Video has hit another milestone with the release of the 40th volume in its popular Natural Bush series, available now from Pure Play Media.

Homegrown president Farrell T. noted that the pioneering amateur porn company was the first to dedicate a video line to unshaven ladies.

"It is a nod to our series that we have made it to Volume 40, considering the fashion trend to shave has made it all but impossible to find amateurs that have not sheared away or waxed off all they have down there," added Farrell. "Lately, the vast majority of our members at www.homegrownvideo.com have clamored for our older volumes from the '80s - mainly because of the natural bush from that era."

Pure Play CEO Richard Arnold offered his congratulations to Homegrown on the line's continued success.

"Cheers to another long-running, successful series," he said. "Homegrown Video is an effective and impressive company, and a valued client of Pure Play. It brings me pride to be an integral part of their business. They continue to deliver the quality product that connects with their fans."

Natural Bush 40 features 90 minutes of hardcore action with five fresh-faced amateurs: Pixie, Daisy, June, Raven, and Yuliana. DVD extras include content selection, animated menu, blooper reel, previews and bonus footage.

For sales and distribution inquiries, e-mail Sonia Yanez at [email protected].

The complete Homegrown Video catalogue is listed online at www.pureplaymedia.com.