Hoes.com Launches Softcore Paysite Zarnia.com

Link list Website Hoes.com has announced the launch of www.Zarnia.com, a softcore nude model pay site complete with affiliate program ZarniaCash. Hoes.com surfers have noticed the ad at the top of hoes.com and can now discover what all the hype is about.

“We created Zarnia to be a destination, not just a doorway to collect money,” Hoes.com president Marc told AVN.com. “Every part of the site is designed to build trust and essentially, bookmarkers. Where many pay sites must make the sale on that initial visit because the surfer will probably never make their way back to the site, we hope to entice the surfer over time to eventually upgrade.” 

Zarnia.com offers many promotional tools like hosted galleries, model click pictures and banners. Zarnia is unique in that it offers an extensive tour that mirrors their Members section. Every new content set that is released is shown to the surfer in preview format so they get a free tease. Unlike many other pay sites, that offer a simple tour and are littered with pop-ups, Zarnia tries to make the surfer feel comfortable and offers them an ever-changing site that encourages them to check back week after week until they finally decide to join.

“We allow surfers to browse everything we have in a preview format so that they know what they are spending their money on,” Marc noted. “The member's area is open to the public.  So many sites these days use deception to make the sale, we use honesty.  It shows by looking at the retention rate of our members.”

“Members and visitors alike check back weekly to see what we've added,” he continued. “That's the cool thing about Zarnia, very rarely do you have a pay site that non-paying surfers will bookmark and visit on a regular basis.  We offer just enough free content to keep a visitor interested, yet just enough tease to get them to want more.  We also show our visitors what's coming in the next three weeks.  This helps tremendously with retention as well as keeps non-paying members interested in checking back in.”

One interesting thing about Zarnia is that nearly 30 percent of their members are women.

“Zarnia attracts a large female subscriber base, much in the same way that Playboy does,” said Marc. “Women typically aren't looking for hardcore or lesbian content, no matter how beautiful the couples are.  They are attracted to beautiful women posing in sensual, natural and erotic ways.  We're selling a fantasy here, not just sex.”