Historic Athletic Model Guild Behind-the-Scenes 'Session Videos'

Athletic Model Guild owner Dennis Bell announced this week that nearly 2,000 behind-the-scenes videos made by Bob Mizer of his AMG photo shoots are available for purchase.

Mizer, the legendary founder/owner of AMG, died in 1992. Physique-photographer Bell bought the AMG photo and film collection from the Mizer estate earlier this year, thus assuring the preservation of a half-century of the gay icon's historic work.

These "session videos," Bell says, "are tapes made during Bob Mizer's photo sessions between 1980 and 1992, and they show exactly what happened in the studio from the time the model got there and began taking off his clothes, until the session was over and he started getting dressed again. Bob would set the video camera on a tripod, and follow the model with it while he shot his photos."

According to Bell, this behind-the-scenes footage includes Mizer directing the models, models bickering with each other or talking back to him, and the audio track that also captures other comments, noises, porn videos, dogs barking, and phones ringing off-set. "Of course" Bell adds, "they also feature up to three hours of nonstop nude wrestling, spanking, jacking off, and "Anal Erotica" (A&E)—a style of photography that made AMG's fortune in the 1980s."

Originally recorded on Betamax tapes, the Session Videos will be released on VHS in one-, two- and three-hour lengths, depending on what Mizer originally recorded. "We're dubbing these original Betamax tapes, using professional quality four-head Betamax editing and duplication equipment, to VHS tapes in the Standard Play mode," Bell explains.

Bell says he hopes to release the Session Videos series on DVD within two or three years.

"For now," he says, "we are involved in making a complete inventory of the tapes and checking their quality. That's nearly 3,500 hours of tape. Even working forty hours a week, every week, it would take nearly eighteen months to complete the task. But as I looked at these tapes, I thought the material was so remarkable, so classic and erotic, it would be great to make them available right now to classic-physique lovers and longtime fans of AMG. That's why I decided to make copies available on a customized basis."

Though plans are presently underway to release some Session Videos compilations on DVD, Bell does not expect to have more information on this project till the end of summer.

For further information, contact AMG at 877-264-3473 (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time) or visit its website at AthleticModelGuild.com.