Hirsch, Weinstein Debate Mandatory Condoms on Huffington Post

LOS ANGELES—The new "mandatory condoms for adult performers" initiative enacted as a city ordinance by the Los Angeles City Council in January may now be law, but that doesn't mean the debate over the issue is not still raging. That debate moved to the pages of The Huffington Post today, where Steven Hirsch, the founder and co-chairman of leading adult studio Vivid Entertainment, and Michael Weinstein, the president of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, squared off by presenting their arguments side-by-side, complete with links to supporting information.

Huffington Post has also framed the debate as a sort of in-house referendum, with people asked to vote pro or con before being able to read the differing positions, and then again afterwards, to see if the arguments changed anyone's mind.

We wouldn't want to be HuffPo spoil-sports by explaining either position, so we'll just link to the first page of the debate here, and may the best man (i.e. Hirsch) win.