Hirsch Ranks Vivid's Best Celebrity Sex Tapes

LOS ANGELES—As we were reporting on Dustin Diamond's admission that he didn't actually perform sex in the celebrity sex movie that bears his most recognizable character name, we thought about asking Vivid Co-Chair Steve Hirsch how he would vet a celebrity sex tape to make sure such a deception wasn't put over on him.

Hirsch was unavailable for comment—but in the process of finding that out, we ran across another Vivid Celeb-related story, where Hirsch was asked by SuperCompressor.com to rank the Top 10 Best Celebrity Sex Tapes Ever—and oddly enough, they all turned out to be Vivid releases! Go figure! (SuperCompressor editor Jeremy Glass notes that, "Perhaps you're wondering where the Paris Hilton tape is in this list. We're guessing he kept it off since the video was originally distributed by Red Light District Video," adding that Vivid purchased the rights to that movie in 2005.)

But because there are plenty of people out there in porn-watching land that might be interested in knowing which famous cuties have done the best hardcore, we thought we'd give readers the heads-up—and unlike the article, we'll start at the top.

It's hardly surprising that Hirsch ranked Kim Kardashian, Superstar as number one. After all, it's pretty hard to watch cable TV these days without seeing a Kardashian, a show about a Kardashian, or news about some Kardashian escapade, so we're guessing that with that much air time, her hardcore DVD sells pretty well, even after seven years.

Next was Pam & Tommy Lee: Hardcore & Uncensored, Vivid's first celeb release after entering into a contract with Pam Anderson and then-husband Tommy Lee for the legal rights to the material. Most of the footage had already been placed on the Web by Seth Warshavsky of IEG.com, though the images in the Vivid release are much enhanced over the webcast—and while in the process of being (successfully) sued by Pam and Tommy for $1.5 million, Warshavsky fled the U.S. for Thailand.

Hirsch deems number three, Kendra Exposed, to be "The first sex tape with a seriously established celebrity," but we're unclear why Hugh Hefner's old girlfriend appearing in a cable show about Hugh Hefner's old girlfriends makes her any more "seriously established" than Kim Kardashian, whose name was bandied about in the press pretty much ever since her dad represented O.J. Simpson—even though Kim's TV show debuted three years after Kendra's, and Kendra's tape was shot in 2003.

We won't detail the rest of the list—it's here—except to note that all of them except #9, Janine & Vince Neil: Hardcore & Uncensored, and possibly #6, Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta (featuring two stars of the VH1 "reality" series Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta) were productions shot either by Vivid itself or by the celebrities themselves, with the intention of releasing them to the porn-watching public—which to our mind just reinforces the idea that Hollywood and porn aren't really as far apart as most people think ... and they're getting closer day by day.