Hime Marie: Lucky Charmer

This feature appeared in the November issue of AVN magazine. Click here for the digital edition.

LAS VEGAS—Hime Marie sometimes reminds herself how lucky she is.

“I constantly remind myself how lucky I am to have a very cool job,” Marie says. “I don’t want to mess that up! I want to do my absolute best, always.”
Considering this mindset, it is no surprise that Hime Marie has managed to develop a fruitful, accomplished career in the years since she has entered the industry.

She officially got into adult entertainment as a cam model in 2017, and she’s never looked back at what could’ve been.

Marie recollected how she entered the industry at 22 years of age. Unlike some women who start out in porn at 18 or 19, Marie already knew what she wanted and how she wanted to get it.

“I absolutely have grown and learned so much in this space,” she explains. “I’ve become more aware of my own sexuality and what I fancy, learned about alternative lifestyles I never would have considered, and most importantly, how to be an entrepreneur.

“I have also had to learn from plenty of mistakes as well. I’ve had to check my ego. I’ve had to learn to slow down for the sake of my own health. I’ve had to learn to navigate difficult and nuanced situations.”

Indeed, the adult performers who intend to develop their careers and maintain a presence in the industry must always find ways to stay at the forefront.
Whether it is adjusting messaging to correspond to social media trends or trying out a few new editing techniques on self-produced content sold directly to consumers through their clip stores, staying relevant as an adult creator is a full-time commitment.

Just like being a creator on TikTok or YouTube, content creators in the NSFW vertical spend much of their time developing content and branding strategies that differentiate themselves in an extremely competitive marketplace.

Hime is doing this daily.

The Las Vegas-based stunner discussed what she does to stay up with trends and remain a force in an ever-changing production environment.

An established studio performer, content creator and cam girl, she diversifies her presence to secure multiple revenue streams. Having so many stakes in the fire has become commonplace across adult, especially now as the industry shifts toward a creator-led economy.

“I take almost every opportunity that comes my way,” Hime tells AVN. “I am never too good for anything.”

Marie explains that professionals in her shoes must be seen as much as possible on a potential fan’s timeline, at industry events or in the media. “Do podcasts, attend expos and events, just get out there! You can only do so much on your own online.”

She takes her own advice.

At the time of this writing, her official Pornhub profile had 279 million views.

Hime Marie is available for booking through East Coast Talents or directly at [email protected]. Follow her on X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram.