Hillary Scott Wins Big at AVN Awards

On a night that was one of the coldest in recent Las Vegas memory, Hillary Scott was shivering backstage in her sheer, pink party dress. "It's freezing!" she said as she breezed through the backstage area of the Mandalay Bay Event Center. Winning the Best Actress – Video award for her performance in SexZ Pictures' Corruption undoubtedly took the edge off the chill.

As Scott posed briefly for the cameras, she said, "I'm happy! I'm ecstatic…but I'm freezing. I'm getting out of here!" 

But before she had a chance to make her escape from the backstage limelight, Scott was back in the winner's circle to accept the honors for Female Performer of the Year.

Scott credited her dual win "one-hundred percent" to Corruption and her director Eli Cross. 

"I have never been so impressed with any director," she said of Cross. "He knew exactly what he wanted. He's one of the most talented directors I've ever worked for…I'm very grateful that he chose me to be an actress in the movie. I can't wait to work with him again."

"I wasn't really expecting it, but wow…I definitely appreciate it," Scott said after accepting the Female Performer of the Year award. "I had my glass of champagne, I was downing it, and I was really nervous; I had the butterflies in my stomach. I won the two awards that I wanted the most, so thank you, AVN! I worked my little ass off, and I mean that as literally as possible. I'm a happy whore tonight!"