Hillary Clinton Says 'Yes' to Playboy, 'No' to Hustler

Hillary Clinton's first-quarter campaign finance filing reveals that the former first lady recently accepted a $2,300 contribution from Playboy founder Hugh Hefner.

Clinton's acceptance of the Hefner donation contrasts with her rejection of a $1,000 contribution from Hustler publisher Larry Flynt during her Senate campaign two years ago.

When asked why he thought Clinton took Hefner's money but rejected his own contribution two years ago, Flynt replied, "Well, I guess she probably sees Hugh Hefner as harmless, and maybe she's safer with Playboy than she is with Hustler."

"She has every right to denounce me, and to denounce pornography – but she can still take my money," Flynt said. "And if she can't take my money, she's lost something much more important – my vote."

Submitted on March 28, Hefner's contribution is one of 60,000 donations in Clinton's $28.6 million first-quarter fundraising statement filed with the Federal Election Commission on Sunday.

According to Newsday, a Clinton spokesman "wouldn't explain why the candidate believed Flynt's money was dirty and Hefner's was clean."