High Def Home Entertainment Goes HD DVD

High definition production firm High Def Home Entertainment (HDHE) has jumped into the HD DVD pool, releasing two of its titles on the format, with three others going into replication this month.

The titles just shipped (through the company's High Def XXX label) are Girls Gone Skiing and Dreamcummers, and HDHE plans by the end of April to have HD DVD versions finished of High Def Lesbians, Personal Assistant and Virtual Girlfriends, a softcore title.

HDHE has previously put its releases out on dual-format discs with one side containing a standard definition version of the title, and the other side containing it in Windows Media Video/High Definition (WMV/HD), a format playable on WMV/HD-compatible players and PCs. In addition to its original productions, HDHE collaborated with Arrow Productions last year to release the adult classic Deep Throat in the dual-format version, using an original, pristine negative of the movie for the transfer. The companies now plan to re-release Deep Throat on HD DVD, and do the same with other classic titles.

"We hope to soon do Debbie Does Dallas," HDHE owner Tom Funk told AVN.com, "but the fact is that they're still looking for the fucking film negative. They know it exists, but it's one of those, like, Indiana Jones [missions]. It's literally, like, in this hidden warehouse, and nobody's really found it yet. So unfortunately, there's no actual news about that quite yet, other than we intend to do it." According to its Website, HDHE also has Inside Seka on its slate of upcoming releases on the dual-format disc and HD DVD.

As for original productions, HDHE has four more (beyond those mentioned above) currently in post-production, and a slew of others planned, all shot with the professional-grade Panasonic Varicam HD camera.

The company also provides HD DVD authoring services to other adult companies, and is in the midst of implementing a national promotional campaign to educate consumers about high definition through in-store platforms including full HD video ads, shelf markers for HD sections and FAQ flyers.

With its growing library, HDHE is actively seeking a sales and distribution manager, whose primary responsibility will be to develop sales of various-format discs to wholesalers. Existing industry experience is preferred; if interested in applying, please e-mail a resume to [email protected]