Herbal Supplement Peter North's Secret

AVN Hall of Famer Peter North has stood apart from the rest of adult performers for over two decades on the basis of his enormous popshot. Now North is releasing Peter North’s Secret, an herbal supplement that he credits with helping him achieve consistently large ejaculations.

“After years and years of people asking him how he did does it, he’s finally decided to reveal the secret. It’s not only that he has a unique prostrate, it’s a matter of what he eats,” said Peter Zaye, North’s business partner in Newport Distributing, the company distributing the product.

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Packaging for Peter

North's Secret

According to Zaye, the reason North decided to reveal his secret is that he finally feels secure in his adult carrer and no longer feels the need to have a competitive edge.

The active ingredient in the product is Luchaio Ling Chih, an extract derived from an Asian mushroom that is believed in traditional Chinese medicine to be good for the liver and increase sexual prowess.

A bottle of Peter North's Secret with 60 capsules has an SRP of $69.95. The recommend dose is two pills a day.

According to Zaye, most people see results in two to three weeks. "We've even been giving it to some of the performers we use for Deep Throat This [North's blowjob series], and the results are obvious," Zaye said.

There is also an affiliate program for Webmasters that offers up to $60 per sale, plus recurring payments if the customer chooses the refill option.

For more information call 1-877-593-3200.