Her Name is Rio: Digital Playground's New Contract Star Speaks Exclusively


VAN NUYS, Calif — Her name is Rio and she … signed an exclusive contract with Digital Playground on June 8th. The 19-year-old budding starlet just wrapped her first flick for DP’s AVN award-winning director Robby D. and is primed to do “a lot of feature work, a lot of gonzo work, and try out for parts in mainstream movies.”

AVN caught up with Rio as she barreled down the highway—radar detector chirping like R2D2—for a fast and furious Q&A.

AVN: So give me details about your new contract with Digital Playground?

Rio Valentine: I can’t discuss details, but I’m very excited to be with Digital. I went to the F.A.M.E. Awards with Riley Steele and did a couple of photo shoots with her too. I just finished my first movie.

AVN: Awesome. Can you tell us about the movie?

RV: I don’t know the title of it yet. But I did a scene with Manuel Ferrara and Scotty Nails.

AVN: Was it for Robby D?

RV: Yes.

AVN: And, how was your Robby D. experience? Did anything funny or crazy happen on the set?

RV: You totally just have to get the movie. I’m not going to spoil it.

AVN: Ok, so what do you want to talk about?

RV: Sex.

AVN: Ok, tell me about sex.

RV: (Laughs) We can talk about cows if you want?

AVN: Sex with cows?

RV: You’re very bad at this “winging it” type interview.

AVN: Well, you don’t want to talk about anything. Do you like your new name?

RV: I love my new name. It’s a really funny story how we came up with it. Me, Joone, Adella [DP publicist], Robby D—we’re all in the office trying to come up with a name and Joone came up with Rio because it sounded exotic. I came up with Valentine because it’s all romantic.

AVN: Are you a romantic? I’m not familiar with your work. What kind of sex do you prefer?

RV: I’m big into submission. And, I like black. Black, silver, and purple are my favorite colors. I’m very “crazy-fuck-me-hard.” I like naughty and sexy.

AVN: Do you get to provide input on Digital shoots as far as the sex you like?

RV: Yes. They always ask about my preferences … towards a lot of things. They ask what I like to wear, what kind of makeup I want—all the little stuff that matters. I love Digital Playground. I’ve always wanted to work for them.

AVN: How did you hook up with them?

RV: I went up to them at this year’s AVN show in Vegas and we started talking. I came out to LA and we signed.

AVN: You’ll probably do some feature work. Do you like to act?

RV: It’s fun and different. I like it. I was the little girl who always dreamed about being a star.

AVN: Do you have any interesting work shaved into your pubic area?

RV: Excuse me? Oh! Yes, I’m going to do a star of David to balance things out.

AVN: Now, that’s a good idea!

RV: I’m just playing. I don’t have anything bad to say about Stoya. She’s one of my contract sisters. I wish her all the best in life. I think what she’s going through is just a phase. I think she’ll come back to reality and return and clean up her act a bit.

AVN: So, you’re on the fast track to the top. How can fans keep up with you?

RV: I answer all my MySpace mail and operate my own Twitter and Facebook, just to talk to everybody. I love meeting my fans in person at signings. You guys rock!