Hendrix Sex Tape: Dolly Gets the Dagger?

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - If you're the kind of person who loves rock and roll celebrity sex tapes, but has so far been disappointed that the participants have not been all that rock or even roll, for that matter, website HollywoodHeartbreaker.com is reporting that Vivid Entertainment has registered dozens of domain names, all variations on the spelling "Jimi Hendrix," to promote a supposed Hendrix sex tape.

Another website clarifies that the domains were registered by Intercosmos Media Group, not Vivid. AVN contacted Vivid's Steve Hirsch for comment, but received no comment at post time.

No word on what the company plans to title the release, if, indeed, it actually exists. Maybe "Machine Gun (Of Love)?" "Third Stone From the Buns?" "Little Miss Strange (Gets It On)?" Rock on, Jimi, rock on.