HellHouse Video to Ditch DVD, Move to VoD, Wireless

In what could be a sign of things to come (although not anytime soon), BDSM production company HellHouse Video announced its decision to discontinue VHS and DVD manufacturing in order to focus solely on its main revenue source: Video-on-Demand, portable content delivery via the iPod and PSP, and pay-per-view media.

”Our clients expect us to deliver our action in the same cutting-edge manner in which we shoot it, and we give our clients what they want,” says Goddess Hollie, co-owner of HellHouse Dungeon, the parent company of HellHouse Video. “HellHouse movies are uniquely shot to stimulate every one of your senses, and we want to use the best possible distribution methods to enhance the viewing experience. Watching porn on a living room TV just isn’t discreet enough for many people these days, so now you can watch us online, on the bus, or best yet, strapped to your bed.”

HellHouse will offer a range of video content from exclusive shorts to feature-length movies. Free offerings will be available through a HellHouse podcast, including preview clips and reality-based episodes recorded at the HellHouse Dungeon.

In mid-October HellHouse announced the release of its first five titles for the video iPod and Sony’s PlayStation Portable. The company will continue to allow users to stream and download its titles from HellHouseDungeon.com and HellHouseVideo.com.

The remainder of HellHouse Video’s DVD stock is on sale.