Heidi Fleiss Marrying Bunny Ranch Owner Dennis Hof

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. —Heidi Fleiss, Hollywood madam of the '90s, is marrying someone still involved in her former business: Dennis Hof, owner of famous Nevada Brothel the Moonlite Bunny Ranch.

The Bunny Ranch, a familiar fixture on the adult entertainment scene, has been known to host porn stars as featured entertainers.

This will be the first marriage for 43-year-old Fleiss, who's proclaimed she's clean and sober after time spent on TV's Celebrity Rehab, reports Web tabloid ContactMusic.

"I'm finally ready to make a commitment to one man — and that's Dennis,” Fleiss said. "It's going to be my first and only wedding, so it's going to be fabulous."

Fleiss has been engaged in the past to singer Frank Sinatra Jr. and also actor Tom Sizemore, who was charged with her assault and then convicted.

Meanwhile, Fleiss' notorious history pales in comparison to the current Hollywood escort scandal involving Michelle Braun, said to have supplied the most expensive call girls in the world. Britain's Daily Mail said she makes Fleiss “look like Mary Poppins.”

Braun’s call girl operation had a list of clients that reportedly included top celebs, politicians and big-business names, according to The Herald Sun.

Most of her 70 girls were models, actresses or Playboy centerfolds, their "company" going for $50,000, while Fleiss girls were said to be priced at about $10,000 nightly. Even adjusting for inflation, that's quite a hefty difference in fees.

Braun's lawyer told the New York Daily News if the names of her clients were revealed, many would be shocked.

Though many well-known names have appeared in news accounts about Braun — she traveled in Hollywood circles and knew the rich and famous — none has so far been identified as a client.

Braun’s business reportedly brought in more than $8 million, and she charged men $1,600 just to become members of the club and look at pictures of girls for hire on her website.

The FBI stepped in when she slipped up too many times. In a Rolling Stone interview, she said she just made introductions between famous girls and rich guys. Then, when she flew one of her girls to New York, one of these “rich guys” turned out to be an undercover agent and her operation was busted.