Harry Weiss Interviewed by NBC News

Publicist/manager/director Harry Weiss was interviewed by a crew from NBC Nightly News this morning about his recognition by House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-TX) as Honorary Co-Chairman of the Business Advisory Council. 

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Harry Weiss Being Interviewed

The honor, which was first reported on AVN.com in March and was also covered by Congressional newspaper Roll Call, caught the attention of the NBC News Washington Bureau, according to Celeste, a freelance producer who got the assignment. 

Before a backdrop of industrial shelves filled with porn videos and DVDs, Weiss answered questions about the honor, saying he was "surprised" at the recognition, and admitting that he had made "a small donation" — but only after he had received press recognition for being named Co-Chairman of the Council. 

"It seemed only fair. I was getting good press from it," Weiss said. 

When the interview ended, he pointed out a particular rack of videos to the cameraman, shooting atmospheric footage to be edited into the final story. 

"Shoot there, that's a paying client," Weiss said. 

The air date for the interview has not been announced. 

Weiss acknowledges that the “honor” was in reality a fundraising effort, and that he has been asked to participate in other fundraisers since. “It’s amazing what a hard-push sell they have. For one thing, they offered to break it up into four easy payments for me,” he said.