Harmony Films Explores New DVD Content Protection, Pay-Per-View Options

LONDON - Harmony Films has employed a new technology called PAG View to create a pay-per-view bonus scene on the European and UK DVD editions of Young Harlots: In Detention.

Developed by the Perpetual Action Group, PAG View code-protects a portion of the disc that can only be unlocked by purchasing an access code over a mobile phone or the internet. Up to 16 sections of a DVD can be PAG View protected, and access codes are uniquely generated by the system for each viewing.

PAG View could prove to be a significant development for the adult industry, as it opens up a new revenue stream for content producers and works as a shield against piracy. Users must purchase a new access code each time they view the scene.

"PAG View allows our end users who want to view the additional scene the opportunity to do so for a small fee," said Harmony sales and marketing manager Jason Maskell.

That fee is £3, or just under $6, and though the scene will not be available on the U.S. version of the Young Harlots: In Detention DVD (releasing June 8), the company does plan to use PAG View technology with future U.S. releases.

"The fact that it takes a code to unlock the bonus scene makes it less likely that it will be illegally distributed," said Maskell. "We are very excited about PAG View and its potential."

To learn more about PAG View, go to www.pagview.com. For sales inquiries, contact Maskell at 0044 (0)20 8559 2736 or [email protected] for your region's distributor. Harmony is distributed in the U.S. by Evil Angel, at (800) 442-6435.