Harmony Films Courts China's 'Kappa Girl'

LONDON — The humanitarians at Harmony Films are reaching out to "Kappa Girl," an amateur porn star whose Internet antics have stirred controversy in her native China, where uploading and shooting adult videos is illegal.

Identified only by her surname Huang in news reports, the Shanghai resident appeared in a 12-minute sex video spread through peer-to-peer file sharing networks on the Chinese Internet. The term "Kappa Girl" became one of the top ten most-searched terms on Google China, and her identity soon turned up online thanks to the collaborative efforts of Internet stalkers.

As a result of the ensuing notoriety, she suffered police harassment and was promptly fired by her employers at the Kappa department store for "tarnishing" the company image.

"Ms. Huang is a huge star in her native China," said Jason Maskell, manager of sales and marketing for Harmony Films. "We'd like to offer her the chance to make some real money by working and shooting with us in the West. She won't be persecuted for being on video as an X-rated performer and she can gain an even larger base of fans. She just needs to contact us."

Maskell believes it's only "a matter of time" before the market for adult entertainment opens up in China.

"We know the population is aware of porn and that Ms. Huang's scene isn't the first piece of pornography to be seen in the country," Maskell said. "When China does open up to adult content, partnering with someone identifiable like Kappa Girl will help us gain a foothold in that market. Like any other business, we're eager to bring our products to its billion-plus consumers."