Hard Art Shoots First—Its First Feature, That Is

LOS ANGELES—Hard Art, the new production studio created by industry vet Jeff Sharp, will be shooting first and asking questions later. What that means is, it's given the green light to the company's first release, Hypersexual, a perverse sexual drama with a documentary flavor.

"Things are moving fast," said Hard Art’s COO Sharp. "We just signed Cal-Arts grad Sally Forth to a test show [and] the script is written and ready."

When asked why he thinks a novice like Forth, coming essentially fresh off the street, could handle an adult feature, Sharp opined, "First of all, it's not a big budget feature; 'economical' is a better word. Also, my salesman Hyland C. told me to get her an experienced crew to insulate things and help keep on time and budget, so that's what we did. Casting is finished, the last I heard. Very exciting! This weekend, it's 'lights, camera, action!'"

Retailers interested in stocking Hard Art titles may contact Hyland C. at [email protected] and (818) 435-1615, or an IVD Sales Representative.