Hanna Hilton: Yuhmm (Dot Com)

LOS ANGELES — Vivid Girl Hanna Hilton discusses the joys of porn stardom in a spotlighted interview now posted on female form-worshipping blog Yuhmm.com.

Writer Armando Llenado begins the piece with some background on how Vivid Entertainment co-chairman Steven Hirsch has been strategizing to battle the foul economy. Llenado notes, "We believe one of his best decisions was signing newcomer Hanna Hilton to his powerhouse roster of porn stars."

Hilton says in the interview that while she originally dove into porn strictly for the money, she is "having so much fun right now, who knows what will end up happening?"

Hilton also reveals where she lost her virginity, what she might gab about with her namesake, Paris, and how she had fun growing up in the mid-west. The piece is accompanied by a gallery of erotic photos featuring the starlet.

The bestselling Hilton vehicle released in January, B. Skow's Bounce, has spawned a sequel now in production.

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