Hamilton Steele TRIPLE X MEDIA

Two weeks ago Triple X Media signed male talent Hamilton Steele to a dual non-exclusive video and exclusive Internet contract for thirty scenes. There is no termination date on the contract.

"We choose Hamilton Steele because his guy next door image has widespread appeal. Not only is he someone easy to relate to, but also there is some undefinable quality that women just go nuts over," said a Triple X Media spokesperson. "Add to this his larger than life screen presence and sexual performances that either melt his partners with a gentle touch or command their submission with pure aggression. We couldn't be happier to have him as a part of our team."

Steele has been active in the adult industry as a performer for two years now. A Canadian native, Steele began his career selling his wife Kelly Steele's panties online. Already swingers in their personal life, the couple soon graduated to producing Masturbation Slut, which featured Kelly masturbating about town. Soon the fell in with the Canadian porn crowd which led them to believe they could pursue porn as a career.

The couple moved to Los Angeles to pursue their dream. "At first our careers were very closely intertwined," Hamilton told AVN.com. "Now they are starting to diverge but we're fine with that. We don't have jealousy - we have a little competition as to who slept with a chic first."

"She's my suitcase pimp. If it weren't for her driving me to the sets and signing the paperwork I wouldn't be able to concentrate on doing my job. Honestly she was the one who got me the contract. She's my Skeeter Kerkove," said Hamilton.

Around last Easter, Hamilton got his "big break". On Good Friday, an unplanted rumor began to circulate that he was dead. Demonstrating a flair for promotion, Hamilton sent out a press release on Easter Sunday announcing his return to the living. "I'm the only porn performer to return from the dead," Hamilton joked. "It gave me a break on my career. With male talent it takes forever for people to notice you. After that I was known as the dead porn star."

The attention helped him rise the to the next level of male talent. Hamilton has worked with some of the best directors in the business including Michael Ninn, James Digorgio, and Veronica Hart. "I love Veronica. She's my favorite. I wish to God she was still talent," Hamilton quipped.

Steele said he has been heavily influenced by the likes of Nick Manning, who took home the AVN Award for 2003 Best Male Newcomer.

"He's a good friend and I am impressed with how far he's come in such a short period of time," said Steele. "I hope to take home the Best Male Newcomer honor myself next year and have every intention of following through with that goal."