Gwen Media Launches

Another move in the latest adult Web trend ? creating title-specific Websites to promote videos/DVDs being pushed to retail – has arrived. Gwen Media launched today to promote their fetish series of the same name, as they had announced they planned several weeks ago.

“We decided that it would be a great series to move into other venues,” Gwen Media CEO Bob Zak told “We feel that there are enough storylines and behind-the-scenes plots to make it a viable Website as well. We hope that the site will also help to promote the VHS and DVD sales.” 

The site features over 400 exclusive images and behind-the-scenes footage and photos as well as 30-minute exclusive "Webisodes.” 

“In the videos, you may see parts of a training or punishment session, but in the Webisodes, you’ll see much more detail,” Zak said. “The Webisodes that are being presented on a monthly basis may eventually released as a DVD series as well. We will also include the photos that are associated with the series on the DVD.” 

“There are no recurring memberships at,” Zak continued. “You buy the monthly 'issue' and it's yours forever. If you like what you see, you come back next month to purchase episode two, and so on. We will also be adding commentary and other interesting pieces as the series grows.” 

The Crimson Mansion series is set in a castle-like mansion and has a surreal, dream-like feel. In the video series, many characters will grace the screen to engage in various S&M, fetish activity, but in the website, the viewer gets to see what goes on outside of the video storyline. The training sessions, the fantasy excursions, the hard work of the latex servants will all be shown in more detail.

“It was an idea that was brewing for a few years,” Zak noted. “The makeup of the series, with multiple players and storylines, leant itself well to this type of an endeavor. The idea of a Web-based episodic series seemed to be an interesting avenue to follow. It was fairly unique in scope and we felt that our audience base would enjoy this type of production. With more and more people having access to high-speed Internet connections, we felt the timing was right to give it a try.