Debuts 'A Grooby Halloween: The Coven's Captive'

LOS ANGELES—Performers Paige Turner, Willow Astilbe, and John Kilo star in “A Grooby Halloween: The Coven's Captive,” a special scene now available on

"This was too much fun,” said Grooby producer, Moe Scoville. “A while ago, I asked Steven if I could put together something for Halloween—something that could really push what I could accomplish with the time and budget—and he was all in! Especially when I said it would put two of the hottest new Grooby sensations together with John Kilo, a fabulous performer time and time again.” 

In the scene, Turner and Astilbe are two beautiful witches who are searching for that one last ingredient called "Seed of Man" for their special potion. Kilo has exactly what they’re looking for, so the two lure him off the path before tying him up and taking him back to their camp. Kilo is willing to give it to them, but it requires teamwork to extract it. The hot and heavy threesome is a titular treat just in time for All Hallow’s Eve. See more at

Scoville added, “Since the first time I did a shoot with Paige Turner, we have been talking about doing a scene somewhere in the woods in the middle of nowhere. Halloween was the perfect reason to put these three together. They all love to make porn the audience will remember long after—and revisit again and again. John Kilo has boundless energy and creativity. Paige has drive and dedication. Willow takes everything and makes it two steps better. It was pure luck that we managed to find such great weather, such great light, and a perfect spot to construct a witches' camp. All the ingredients were in place... Well, the last one came at the end.” 

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