Grooby and Kelly Quell Collaborate to Launch

LOS ANGELES—Those seeking intense hardcore content featuring trans girls including Erica Chery, Natalie Stone, Lily Petals, and Penny Peacock will have a new paysite to become obsessed with thanks to a partnership between trans erotica specialists Grooby and trans content producer Kelly Quell. features themed scenes starring popular trans performers and their partners, 

“I had seen Kelly's self-produced content and I was a fan of how she got the girls into really harder sexual scenes than most producers, especially the BDSM, gaping, big toys and hard fucking,” says Grooby founder, Steven Grooby. “She'd presented a very thorough business plan for the site early in 2020,  and I believe there is a gap in the market for a paysite for this type of content. Our paysites have performed extremely well in 2020, and we believe partnering with Kelly on this site is a perfect match. We can give her the platform and support she needs, and she can concentrate on producing the hardest, nastiest scenes for the site.”

“The majority of trans girls I've worked with over the years prefer very rough, very kinky sex, so I figured it was about time that our industry should have porn that actually showed the kind of sex we want to have,” says site producer, Quell. “I figured it would be fun to combine gonzo porn, BDSM, and reality porn, as there was nothing in the trans space that did that. evolved into something where the performers get to bring their super intense sexual fantasies to life. At the end of the day, it's really all about having fun first and making porn second, and I believe there are people looking for this fun, light, story-driven, hardcore trans scenes.” features scenarios of trans girls 'hooking up' with other girls and guys via a fictional dating app. The site updates at least once a week with a full-length hardcore scene, as well as additional content, and features trans performers Alice Artic, Autumn Sunflower, Erica Cherry, Clara Belle, Dahlia Crimson, Flowergoth Roze, Gina James, Kerri Labouche, Lily Petals, Natalie Stone, Penny Peacock, Sky Burrito, and Kelly Quell.