Grip & Cram Johnson's <i>Cuckold 3</i> Streets Nov. 19

CHATSWORTH, Calif. – Chatsworth Pictures has set a Nov. 19 street date for the third installment of Grip and Cram Johnson’s groundbreaking Cuckold series.

Cuckold exploded on the porn scene earlier this year as the first DVD series dedicated to the cuckolding lifestyle. The visionary series unblinkingly captures the self-loathing closet-case fantasies of terminally inferior white males.

“Reaction really has been phenomenal,” said Cram. “Whether people get it, think it’s strange, or find it funny—they are all fascinated by cuckoldry.”

Grip Johnson said he's not surprised by the series' success.

“It’s not surprising. The divorce rate is at its highest right now—and it's women who are leaving,” noted Grip Johnson. “Men who don’t want to lose their wives are looking for ways to keep them satisfied. Often times that will involve letting them fuck black guys with enormous cocks. It’s humiliating, but more effective than a box of Godiva truffles.”

According to the Johnson brothers' research, cuckolds fall into five categories: the “agonizers” who sit and observe passively resigned, but enthralled; the “wounded” who are hurt and detached, but content to be included as a voyeur; the “conflicted” who are confused by their arousal and disturbed by their need to objectify the Negro male to get off; the “enablers” who give their wives comfort by cracking jokes, fetching water, and engaging in a supportive role; and the “participants” —mature cucks who cheerlead and encourage their wives to fuck harder and swallow deeper while sometimes masturbating openly to show their approval.

“There’s a psychology to cuckoldry that is important to capture,” added Grip. “This is a very rich and complex genre.”

“The American male’s number one fear is to come home and find his hot wife fucking a physically superior Negro man,” added Cram Johnson. “It ranks above terrorist attacks and public speaking. But, people will watch Cuckold from the safety of their homes. Negroes are less threatening when they’re on TV.”

Grip & Cram Johnson’s Cuckold 3 stars “hot wives” Allison Pierce, Amber Rayne, Luscious Lopez, and Nikki Nievez. The humiliated husbands are played by Johnny Thrust, Herschel Savage and civilian cucks Toby Hillcrest and Mr. Brooks.

Distributors can order the DVD now by contacting JM at (800)550-3659. For more information or to acquire your copy please visit on the web!