Grey Goose Vodka Not Part of 'The Girlfriend Experience'

NEW YORK - Oscar-winning director Steven Soderbergh has received a sobering slap to the face from Grey Goose Vodka. Soderbergh claims the French distillery opted out of sponsoring a party for his latest film The Girlfriend Experience when it discovered its star was AVN award-winning performer Sasha Grey .

Grey Goose was set to sponsor the party during this year's Tribeca Film Festival. The company has cited budgeting issues as the reason for its withdrawal from the event.

Soderbergh isn't buying it.

"When they found out Sasha is an adult star, they no longer sponsored it," he told Rolling Stone magazine. "Porn is beyond mainstream now, to the point where everyone on TV looks like they're in porn, but there's still an attitude that porn is wrong."

Beyond mainstream? Sounds like Soderbergh may have had one-too-many. Nonetheless, the R-rated film contains zero graphic sex and has received many accolades for its raw look into the life of a high-priced Manhattan call-girl.

The Girlfriend Experience was shot in New York City last fall for a modest 1.7 million.