Greg Alves' New Enterprise Has Zero Tolerance For Inferiority


LOS ANGELES -- Espousing an uncompromising belief in quality over quantity, industry vet Greg Alves opened Zero Tolerance Entertainment for business. rnrn

"I feel that with all of my experience in retail as well as wholesale that I'm very in touch with what the consumer wants, not to mention that I'm a pervert myself. I want to make movies that I'd want to watch," wrote Alves in a press release. "I am determined to make this company the most consumer-friendly in the entire industry. We will welcome any and all feedback, good or bad. We want them to feel like a part of the team. Our product will reflect that philosophy and I believe we will be producing some truly outstanding titles."rnrn

The company will not be locked into doing any particular genre or a release schedule. "When I feel comfortable with a movie, I'll sell it. I'm not a hand-to-mouth company that'll shoot a video today and put it out tomorrow," he said.rnrn

He added that while shooting footage for the video (under the name of Aiden), he wasn't happy with everything he had shot, and shelved a scene rather than releasing it. "My wife told me I can't keep shooting like this," he said.rnrn

Who's Your Daddy? , described by Alves as a "delightfully twisted romp," features Taylor Rain (in her first d.p.), Boo, Alura Eden, Courteny Divine, Cindy Crawford and Sabrine Maui. "The stuff I want to shoot is stuff that makes my dick hard - it's stuff that works for me," he said. "I wasn't sure how [Who's Your Daddy? ] was going to be received by the talent, but the male talent really took a liking to it."rnrn

The girls in the video will call the male performers daddy, Alves said, and it's a kink that excites him. "And I hope there's 10,000 other people out there that buy video [who like it too]," he also said, with a laugh. But as a means to alleviate the concerns of those in potential politically-sensitive areas, Alves does a pre-interview with the girls before the scenes to assure the viewers that the girls are there of their own free will and that the performers are not related.rnrn

Who's Your Daddy? will be released in late February. For more information, contact Greg Alves at [email protected]