Grand Jury Indicts Truck Driver on Obscenity Charges

A truck driver was indicted yesterday by a federal grand jury on 16 counts of interstate transportation and possession of child pornography.

Charles Alexander was returning to his home in Galveston, Texas on December 21 after visiting his sister in New Mexico when police pulled him over for a traffic violation. According to the Associated Press, the cops smelled marijuana and asked to search Alexander’s truck.

After Alexander gave his consent to the search, the officers found more than marijuana – they also discovered four pairs of girl’s underwear and a briefcase that allegedly contained twelve photographs of young girls engaged in sexual acts and four cartoons depicting a child engaged in bestiality and other sexual acts.

Alexander told investigators the underwear belonged to the 10-year-old daughter of a friend.

By transporting the pictures and cartoons in question across state line Alexander became eligible for federal prosecution and faces a maximum statutory sentence of 200 years in prison and a $4 million fine. He is currently out on bond.