Got Your Wife? Bouncy Does!

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - This week, Bouncy Pictures asks the question every working man with a stay-at-home wife hears repeatedly in his head: did you really think she was at the mall? If she's like any of the five chain-smoking, adulterous sluts featured in Ty Endicott's Got Your Wife, the answer is a resounding 'fuck, no.'

Got Your Wife stars Ariel, Avy, Dasani, Julia, and Tiffany in a collection of P.O.V. scenes with a smoking fetish slant.  

Bouncy have also made a decision to include explicit images on their front covers. Craig Jelin, VP for Bouncy's distributor Pacific Coast  told AVN, "They've changed their boxes from softcore/glam images to hard images and we have already seen a spike in sales."

 Got Your Wife is available now! For sales, contact Jelin at [email protected].