Got Web Host Announces SEO Shared Server

Got Web Host has announced the implementation of its new SEO Shared Server Plan.

Director of marketing and support Tanya Martin described the new hosting plan as one for those who are not quite ready for a dedicated server, but have grown beyond what the company’s virtual plans offer.

The SEO Shared Server plan provides each user with 16 dedicated IP addresses spread out over eight Class C subnets. A maximum of three users will be allotted to each server, providing more drive space and bandwidth than would be provided with standard virtual hosting packages.

Got Web Host’s hosting plans include the following features:

• New SEO starter Web hosting plan with two datacenters, two nameservers, and two Class C IPs.

• Virtual Web hosting plans with up to 15 IPs, 15 individual Class C IPs, and multiple or private nameservers. Multiple data centers are available.

• SEO Shared Server plans up to 16 IPs on eight Class C blocks and private nameservers.

• Dedicated server plans with up to 50 IPs, with up to 10 individual Class C Subnets and multiple private nameservers.

• Customized packages with up to 33 Class C subnets are available upon request.

• Streaming dedicated hosting plans with either BTN or multi-tier one lines.