Good Vibrations Launches Video Production Company

SAN FRANCISCO—Good Releasing, the new sister company to the well-known San Francisco-based retailer, Good Vibrations, has announced three new video production lines, Reel Queer Productions, HeartCore Productions and the PleasureEd Series.

Producer Coyote Days is heading up Good Releasing, which intends to bring "relevant, intelligent titles to inspire and enhance one’s sex life."

The company said it will support "established and emerging independent artists, creating diverse content to fill niches in the industry while presenting under-represented erotic realities."
Good Releasing is comprised of three individual lines:

Reel Queer Productions documents "authentic, edgy, queer sex and culture"; HeartCore Films offer "artistic alternatives to formulaic features"; and the PleasureEd Series is a collection of sexually explicit educational films. These titles are hosted by Good Vibrations’ staff sexologist and noted expert/author, Dr. Carol Queen, Ph.D.

Queen recently received an Outstanding Achievement Award from AVN, recognizing the person who has most positively contributed to the pleasure product industry. The PleasureEd films include information from recognized sex experts, as well as personal experiences from real people. 

Good Vibrations COO Jackie Strano remarked, “Good Releasing's titles showcase authentic and hot adult entertainment full of helpful information, lustful and unabashed sexualities, unapologetic desire, genuine pleasure, and screen burning chemistry.”
The first titles to be released are:

Reel Queer Productions:

Roulette (June 2009)

Nostalgia (August 2009)

Speakeasy (September 2009)

Queer Manor
(October 2009)

Seven Minutes in Heaven
(October 2009)

Fluid (working title) (November 2009)

Roulette: Dirty South (November 2009)

Fluid 2 (working title) (December 2009)

Runaways (working title) (December 2009)

Roulette: Berlin (December 2009)

HeartCore Films:

Glamazons (September 2009)

Behind the Red Door
(October 2009)

Frisk Me
(October 2009)

Mandy Candy (November 2009)

Damn Spot
(working title) (November 2009)

Thin Line Between Art & Sex
(working title) (December 2009)

PleasureEd Series:

Going Down: The Official Guide to Fellatio
(November 2009)

Going Down: The Official Guide to Cunnilingus (November 2009)

Back Door: The Official Guide to Anal Sex (December 2009)

Gush: The Official Guide to G-Spot Sex
(December 2009)

Strano added, “We have launched Good Releasing with a very aggressive goal. Our plan is to release 20 films by the end of this year. Our films will offer viewers’ a unique selection of wide-ranging topics that provide open-minded information for a diverse audience, with special emphasis placed on mutual respect, enthusiastic participation and pleasure.”
Coyote Days pointed to the wide variety of filmmakers and performers with which Good Releasing has already teamed.

“We are working with the very best contemporary and cutting edge artists and filmmakers to direct our films. Courtney Trouble, Madison Young and Carlos Batts will be directing the first eight films and we are in conversation with Kimberly Kane and Morty Diamond for future productions," she said. "April Flores, Jiz Lee, Kimberly Kane, Syd Blakovich and Lorelei Lee are just a few of our featured performers. We are elated to be able to launch this new generation of films and provide something very unique to our customers.”